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WARNING: Here Is Your Priviledged Sneak Peek Into A Revolutionary New Software That Builds Profitable Content-Rich Websites In The Blink Of An Eye! You Have To Watch The Video To Believe It!

At Last! A Single All-Inclusive Software Tool That Does Site Building, Content Writing, Article Downloading, FTP Uploading & More - Churn Out Content-Rich SEO Sites That Google Will LOVE in Minutes!

Watch UCC Pro Building a Complete Website

Are your serious about making web sites that crank in traffic night and day?

Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you tired of how many software tools you need to use just to build one lousy content rich SEO web site?

You may have 3, 4, 5 or even more tools that you have to run each time that you create a new content based web site. Worse still some of the tools may run on the desktop and others may be web based, what a pain in the @&^*% having to try and mash the whole mess together.

Well there's finally a user friendly, all in one desktop based solution that makes writing your own articles a snap, downloads web based articles with ease and builds the entire site for you without all the pain associated with using multiple tools. Now you can concentrate on creating the actual content instead of wasting time fighting the software.



UCC is now the "Swiss Army knife" off my toolset

Thank you for this amazing software. Before UCC I wasted hours fighting against tools, only to finish with sites that where far from what I had in mind. With your program, I can create powerful sites very fast, leaving me more time to be with my family. UCC is now the "Swiss Army knife" off my toolset.

Neil Warner



Compare the feature sets of UCC Pro, Instant Article Wizard, Orwell Pro and HyperVRE:






Keyword based Article Writing tool with Speed Writing Template

Article text suggestions downloaded automatically based on keywords

Ability to add additional text suggestions manually

Keyword density checker and article saturation checker

Specialized Niche, RSS and Affiliate browsers plus Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Assistant

Automatically download articles from any web source and save the pages

Automatically import and format plain text PLR (or similar) files

Batch process old content pages for reuse in new sites

Build the entire site ready to upload

Templates supplied for building your web site and easy integration of Adsense and other revenue streams

Templates supplied are multi media enabled and have built in language translation

Can easily add to your site after the initial build

Dynamic content capability: text, pages and files (images, audios and videos)

Text only

Mix and match from several RSS Feeds for additional dynamic content

6 months only
Simple RSS Feeds

Create customized contextual advertizements that are are relevant to your site's keywords

Multi line text search and replace tool

Define any text editor to be used with the program

Fully integrated tabbed browser for viewing your pages as you work

Totally automatic


Why Not Fully Automatic?

If you're too lazy to spend even a few seconds "eyeballing" each article then why are you bothering to build a content site at all? UCC Pro deliberately does not choose the articles for you because the human touch still ultimately produces better results, and is absolutely NECESSARY to satisfy Google.


Why apply the same software that 65,000 people have?? - That Would Be SEO Suicide!

The higher the quality of your content the more likely you are to please human visitors. You can no longer get easy Adsense earnings just from throwing up any old junk site and trusting on getting enough traffic to make money from visitors clicking through on the ads. Hint you make more money if you can actually get your visitors to linger on your site.


QUIZ: Do you own or use any of these tools on your content sites, and how much did you spend on them?


Article Wizards

You know you need great content so you have article creation tools, article spinners, and article formatters... $67.00 or more
UCC Pro has one built in


Article Grabber

When creativity runs low, grab some articles.This is free in some programs and at a price with more sophisticated tools... $127.00
UCC Pro has one built in


PLR Import

It's great to use PLR to solve the problem of unique content but they usually come as plain text files don't they?
UCC Pro automatically formats and imports plain text PLR articles


Site Builder

It's great having all these content pages but how do you join them all together? There is a huge range in price for site builders!
UCC Pro has a built in index builder, create one or many indexes, no limit to the size of the site you create. You can also automatically grow your site even after you've uploaded it to the web.


Dynamic Content

Search engines love dynamic content right? Dynamic content can come from RSS Feeds. Or you can randomly show text from your content rich pages, randomly show whole pages, or randomly display files (images, audios or videos) Stand alone dynamic content tools sell for $37.00 and more

Do all of the above automatically with UCC Pro. With the RSS feeds you can display one or many simple RSS Feeds or you can take advantage of UCC Pro's ability to randomly mix several RSS Feeds together virtually guaranteeing your content will be different to anyone else's


Multi Media Multi Language Templates

So you want your audio and video files to play automatically in an embedded player? You want your content rich pages translated into other languages? $17.00+
UCC Pro comes with 8 multi media enabled templates that have built in translation for the 11 major languages


Contextual Advertising System

Wouldn't it be great if you could create customized contextual advertizements that are are relevant to your site's keywords? $Priceless
UCC Pro allows you to create advertizements that "popup" when the user's cursor passes over a linked keyword


Text Search and Replace tool

What to do when you need to make a site wide change? There are free stand alone tools that do this.
But why use a separate tool when UCC Pro has one built in that even remebers all your edits so you can do them again if needed.


Have you been Slapped lately?

If you have been around for more than a year or two then you know what I mean. The big "G" does not like it when you hold the cards and have the upper hand.

Heck, they even slapped the freebie "lens" masters over at the big "S" recently just to make sure there is no easy way to get loads of traffic.


Adsense Is Dead

Boo Hoo. That's what the poor little adsense scrapers are crying about in the forums. Do you believe them? I don't. Sure if they are dumb enough to use all the known brand scraper software then they deserve to get their butt kicked by Google.

I'm not kidding. Once you know what Google actually wants then you can work with them and they will practically be begging for you to produce more websites using this software.


"This is hands down the best system for building your business quickly and painlessly"

Ultimate Content Creator is the easiest tool available that allows you to build fully integrated content sites, with little experience and very little time involved. The system works in a snap to pull together images, text, audio and video to create professional websites in short order.

Your entire site will attract visitors with fresh new content every time. This is hands down the best system for building your business quickly and painlessly. I heartily recommend this to beginners and professionals alike!

Paul Klein


Is Your Toolkit Overflowing?

Let me show you how much money you're truly wasting on all the tools sitting on your hardrive. Take this little test...

Most web marketers have a bunch of tools sitting there. These tools all do different things yet they come together for one purpose - building content sites. The problem with that is the lack of integration and the inevitable "juggling act" of passwords, user names, updates, bugs, access etc....


Discover A Better Way

Shocking isn't it. Well who would of thought to put it all together and make it into a complete site building editor? You do not need any other programs to make your websites unique and full of content.


To make real money online you need to spend your time doing just two things:

Build Content = Get Traffic


...Imagine if your content creation was so effective you had time to do other things apart from sit at your computer trying to juggle many different programs to build website after website...


You are just moments away from test driving your very own version of my custom tailored software but first you need to know what UCC Pro is NOT :


UCC Pro is NOT a "cookie cutter" program. It will go where you take it. It is NOT an autoscraper. UCC Pro is designed to make building content rich web sites as painless as possible, here are some additional features that will make your life easier.

UCC Pro hooks up to most text based editors - Use a sophisticated WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver or Frontpage, or a simple text editor like Notepad the choice is yours.
MULTI Pane Research Assistant - Gather intelligence from the web using a four pane research center. Simply push a button and your four research tools appear for you to tap into.
KEYWORD DENSITY checker - Built in, also has an article saturation checker and Latent Semantic Indexing assistant
PROJECT BASED - UCC Pro stores your work in project files giving you can an easy way of storing all your hard work for when you need to update your site. Or rather than starting from scratch every time you build a new website you can start with an existing project file saving you lots of time.
REUSE OLD CONTENT - Got old content pages collecting dust on your hard disk? Not a problem just import the files, define a few rules and you can use them in a new web site.

"My investment has already paid off"

WOW ! I've already got quite a bit of use out of UCC and then UCC Pro, now you've upgraded it. Too cool ! This software just gets better and better. By adding to the features, you have given me quite a useful new tool to use in my business. Thanks a lot.

My investment has already paid off, this is like getting an early Christmas present. Again, thank you.

Frank Arriola

Watch UCC Pro Working with PLR

Also... 9 Super Bonuses Included

5 of them come with resell rights

One Year $147 Silver Member at SureFireWealth.com
Stand Alone Copy of the UCC Browser

Tired of having to switch between browser tabs to be able to see all the information you're looking for?

No problem, with the UCC Browser you can open as many tabs as you want that display 2, 3 or 4 sites all at the same time.
123 Site Header Graphics

That's right, not 20, not 50 but 123 header graphics you can use with your sites.
Phoenix Piracy Shield with Resell Rights.

Finally You Can Easily Protect All Of Your E-book's and software products even pdf's with Phoenix Piracy Shield. Not only can you use this wonderful tool yourself but you can set up a full READY TO RUN BUSINESS by using this set of software tools.

Everything is run on your own server and you can sell memberships to allow others to protect their products so not only are you benefiting from protecting your e-products from pirates and from being illegally distributed you are also making money off this system at the same time.
My WebSpy.

Save Hours Of Your Precious Time And Increase Your Online Efficiency By Auto-Monitoring All Your Favorite Web Pages & Blogs For Changes & Updates, Easily! Receive Notifications and Alerts Only When Your Monitored Web Pages Are Updated. Changes Are Highlighted For You!
The Affiliate Marketers Toolkit with Resell Rights.

This incredible tool is actually 3 tools in one, and they re the quickest and easiest way to affiliate market: Covert Cookie Technology, Link Cloaking Technology, and Magic Pop-Up Creator.
CamStudio (Internet Marketers Version) with Master Resell Rights.

Finally! Now YOU Can Enjoy The Benefits of CAMTASIA Without Having To Pay The $300 Price Tag.
Impact Web Audio with Resell Rights.

Would You Like To Grab Your Visitors By The Ears, Dazzle Them With Professional Quality, Streaming Web Audio That Makes An Impact, And Watch Your Profits Soar. You Can Do It, In Just Minutes - With Impact Web Audio.
ProfitSponder with Resell Rights.

Have you been paying out the nose for auto responders and mailing list management services every month?

Are you tired of the limits that the monthly mailing services put on you, your subscriber count and the amount of times you can mail?

ProfitSponder is a revolutionary new tool that makes mailing list management and smart auto responder management drop dead easy without the big technology learning curve!

It doesn't matter how young or old you are or what your background is, if you want to build huge subscriber lists, make more money from your website and maximize customer and subscriber value, this is what you need.

100% Risk Free "Make Money Using UCC Pro Or It's Free"

You really have no risk with this investment. When you download UCC Pro you have sixty days to test it out, put it to work, build sites, measure the results and if it does not build you huge content sites with massive keyword targeted pages that WORK, just ask me for a refund. How's that for a Guarantee!


Get Your Copy of UCC Pro with its Complete Toolkit Instantly!

Let's face it if you were to buy an Article Writer, Article Scraper and Site Builder alone it would cost you at least $200 and that's not to mention all the other things that UCC Pro does. And let's not gloss over the nightmare of struggling with 3 or more stand alone pieces of software that each do only part of the website. So why struggle when you can use UCC Pro instead and make building even complex websites easy?


Yes! Please Register My UCC Pro Licence

You are Just One Step Away From Creating Massive Content Sites, Don't wait another minute. Download UCC Pro for for a limited time. HURRY, I plan to increase the price soon.


P.S. If you want to BAN PROOF your websites I urge you to create original content. The easiest way I know how to do that is by using UCC Pro to gather market data and quickly re-format it using the assistants built in.

P.P.S. Are you ready to become the next Virtual Real Estate Mogul?

P.P.P.S. Time to get efficient and productive, get UCC Pro now.


"it really amazed me just what this software could do"

At first I thought this would be some typical spinner softwares around. However, it really amazed me of what this software could do.



Instant Access To UCC Pro User Area

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